Central School, 6th Grade, Mt. Prospect, Il 1953
Front row, left to right:
Richard Wistar, Robert Sbarbaro, Ronald Hahn, William Steinle, Pamela Zahn, Sue Danisch, Diane Janssen.
Second row, left to right:
Dinah Haynes, Elizabeth Schweigardt, Michael Farmer, Virginia Bussert, Patrick Buick, Perry Sandeen.
Third row, left to right:
Janice Galitz, Karen Prahl, Barbara Ann Bradshaw, Mary Stage, Ray Lindstrom, Melinda Watt, Janice Palmer.
Top Row, left to right:
Jeanne Medal, Kathleen Stromberg, Mrs. Margaret T. Morgan, Judith Bundy, Dwight Zeman.

Personal comments:
I moved to Palatine the next year and in 1955 started attending Palatine High School. That year, Sue Danisch moved to Palatine and starting going to PHS. She was killed, along with a friend, in a terrible automobile accident in her freshman year. 

In Mt. Prospect, we lived at 18 S. Ioka St. Janice Galitz lived next door. I thought she was a real dish.

Pat Buick and I played baseball together quite often. His parents drove a new 1953 Mercury.

Mary Stage had a great personality, we always had a lot of fun together.

Melinda Watt had the first party I ever went to. Mostly there was square dancing; I didn't know how to square dance and felt left out.

I was president of our class.

Last time I looked, the school had been torn down years ago.

In other classes that year at that school were some other good friends of mine, Bruce Bersted, Bill Oldaker, Myron Applyard, David Cosman, Don Wilkes, and others.
They were all a bunch of pretty nice kids.